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Teresa Mariano

About Me

I was born during a blizzard the day before Thanksgiving. That might explain my affinity for snow and parades. In grade school, I received a tape recorder for Christmas and I recorded myself telling ghost stories (sound effects included).

I am a storyteller. I believe that stories are what move us, shape us and connect us. As a professional writer, it is my job to find and tell the stories.

I've been a catalog copywriter, a journalist, a magazine editor, a radio copywriter and a print copywriter. Recently I've been an SEO copywriter, a Website editor, a blogger and a social media copywriter and manager. I love writing for the Web. I enjoy the interaction, the conversations and getting results.

I also write short stories and have written a children's book.

I take deadlines very seriously because I love to see the finished product.

Contact me. I'd like to meet you.

- Teresa Mariano

I am currently doing client work for local startups and organizations, and I am looking to apply my experience and talent in a forward-thinking, interactive media environment.

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