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Juicy Details

Juicy Details

Front-of-book, shopping section piece.

Where Atlanta Magazine

Psst. We’re not ones to gossip, but we heard from a friend who heard from a friend whose friend works at Phipps Plaza that must-have designer Juicy Couture is opening its third store Nov. 23. And, we heard that this sweet little boutique is going to carry all the hottest women’s and men’s lines and accessories, like Juicy handbags and jewelry (our friend also told us, on a strict note of confidentiality, that the store will have shoes and sunglasses this spring). And when it opens, it will be stocked with its holiday line – sleek satin suits, ruffled shirts, dazzling jewelry and lots of velvet, faux fur and plaid. Let's just keep this between us, okay?

Teresa Mariano

This is a front-of-book piece for the shopping section of Where Atlanta. I played on the idea of the "juicy secret" - especially since Juicy Couture's clientele seems ultra-girlie. Ok, and I had consumed a lot of tea before writing this.

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