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The Knock Out

Wild Bird Fund

Web writing and social media promotion

Web, Copywriting, Social Media

I started writing for the Wild Bird Fund in February 2011. At that time, the blog had received 212 hits in January and was averaging about seven hits per day. The blog received a total of 2,737 hits in 2010.

Since taking over: Blog hits have increased: 346 percent, daily visits have increased 360 percent, and total visits to the blog have surpassed last year’s total after only four months.

After analyzing Facebook stats, I determined that the stories that get the best results from our followers are the ones that deal with WBF directly, and include photos of the birds that come in for treatment. And of those posts, baby birds win. Our feedback rate went up 120% in May after the new approach was implemented.

Since taking over the Twitter account, followers have increased by 58 percent. I used hashtags and third-party analytics to increase followers and monitor the effectiveness of tweets.

Teresa Mariano

One of my favorite things about online writing and social media is results. Blogs, Facebook and Twitter are excellent avenues for sparking conversations, finding people with similar interests and promoting events. For the Wild Bird Fund, I’ve combined my SEO and copywriting skills to improve readership, increase awareness and drive donations.

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